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    Haikou National Sailing Base Public Marina, with a total investment of about 460 million CNY, has a planned sea area of 291,000 m², a land area of 43,900 m² and a total construction area of 3,342 m². The project includes the reconstruction of 2,450 m² of the original Sinopec Xiuying 5000 ton oil wharf platform, the construction of 1496 meters of new breakwater, 300 m² of launching chute, 610 berths and a lifting basin. The land area construction includes 2,043 m² of Visitors Center, 477 m² of dry storage, 568 m² of maintenance workshop, 8,750 m² of parking lot, 1,384 m² of storage yard, 23,000 m² of roads and pavement, 15,400 m² of greenery and other supporting facilities. It is considered to be the first meaningful public marina in China and the largest in Asia. On August 31st, 2020, Haikou Tourism Culture Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. invested 10 million yuan to establish Haikou HTCH Marina Management Ltd., which is responsible for the operation and management of the public marina.

    The main business segments of the company include international and domestic boat management, port services, domestic and international marine agency, yacht charter, pleasure craft and sporting boat sales, fitness and leisure activities, diving equipment sales, property management, catering services, marine services, conference and exhibition services, sports training.

    The company’s operations differ from the membership-based management mode of Chinese yacht clubs, and aims to reduce the cost of yacht berthing, maintenance, operation and management, and place emphasis on the public elements of public marinas. Relying on the unique natural ocean resources of Haikou’s west coast and the Public Marina facilities, coupled with the opportunities brought by the Hainan Free Trade Port policy, the company aims to promote "marine economy, marine tourism, marine culture, marine education and marine sports".In the future, the company will actively promote cooperation with various fields to attract more international high-end yacht brands to Haikou Marina.